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WMN.TODAY – global media network.

We have created a platform wmn.today, which automatically posts the content for subscribed people and companies on the Internet .

Wmn.today — a unified Content Management System and Monetization.

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We really appreciate people who can Express their thoughts in text, video, audio format.

We collect international information team on one platform to cover ALL the world news and we are looking for writers for doing other interesting formats.

You can be one of the authors of news of the project which pokazyvaetsya on the main browser page,publications and private programs on our satellite channel, believe me, it will be really interesting.

Monetization for authors

Each user gets a stable income.

Active users in their settings to submit an application for placement of advertising in their accounts and projects. International access to promotional content that enables active users to earn major money.A unique system Sutra to dastam the opportunity to advertise so leave your request for accommodation from you.

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